Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Digital Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus Manufacturers

Being one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Digital Triaxial Shear TestEquipment, we supply the apparatus in finest quality. The Triaxial Test is conducted over different varieties of soils. The tests are basically performed to galvanize the different types drainage and stress conditions that can take place in the sub-soil for the purpose of simulating the effect of the building construction, its excavation as well as tunnelling etc. There are total three different types of triaxial tests that are usually performed for the effective measurement of the stress.

The test is conducted with the help of the Digital Triaxial Shear Test Equipment. After the specimen is assembled within the triaxial cell, required standards such as confining pressure, strain rate, along with the pressure are then programmed with the help of the computer. Further, a window-based software is utilized for controlling and for the data acquisition. 

The Digital Triaxial Shear TestEquipment performs the test under the following conditions -

  • ·       Shear in UC, UU, CU, CU and CD
  • ·         Ko consolidation and swelling test
  • ·         Stress path triaxial test

Following are some of the accessories that are provided along with the Digital Triaxial Shear Test Equipment -

  • ·         Sheath Stretcher
  • ·         Porous Stones, Plain Discs,
  • ·         Top drainage Cap,
  •  ·    Rubber membranes 

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